Homeland Renewed for Fourth Series

Homeland renewed for fourth seriesSeries Three may well be disappointing die-hard fans but, despite the critics, Homeland has been picked up for a fourth series.

Channel 4’s flagship drama was so high octane in its second series, it set itself up for a fall from grace. There was just no way the third outing could keep up that breakneck speed AND maintain a believable storyline. So, we’ve been subjected to a disappointing three episodes so far from Series Three. Carrie was locked up in a mental institution, there was no sign of Brody and when he finally did return it made for a painfully slow episode. And don’t get me started on Dana. The whole wayward child sub-plot felt contrived and just wasn’t interesting. Now there’s a possibility she’s run off with a killer it may get more interesting, but it still feels a little like a teen horror movie.

Thankfully, last night’s fourth installment got back to familiar ground – with Carrie’s true mission revealed (SO many questions! Was she acting the whole time?! Who knows?!). Even the sight of Mike had me relieved – missed ya, Mike. If this secret mission business is the way forward for the third series, there is finally a flicker of hope that things could be getting back on track. With a vague hint that Saul’s hunt to find Javadi could lead him to Venezuela – i.e. where BRODY is being held captive – we could be treated to more thrills in upcoming episodes, which could well lead into Series Four.