Idol to X Factor

It’s all change in America. First David Hasselhoff bows out of America’s Got Talent, and now Simon Cowell has announced this series of American Idol will be his last. Ellen Degeneres has just joined the judging panel for the brand new season and already we’ve had another judge quit! Don’t take it personally, Ellen! Simon’s plan was always to leave the show in order to bring The X Factor to the US. Given the success it has had over here, it seems a logical move to take X Factor to the biggest market in the world.
Simon Cowell leaves American Idol to bring X Factor to US
So who else will join him on the X judging panel then? And who will host? Dermot O’Leary has expressed his interest – but has also said he’s in talks to host a political programme for the BBC (yes, really). AND! Apparently, this isn’t the end of American Idol – it will run alongside the new addition to Fox’s scheduling. Errr…so who will replace Simon on AI (please, not Piers Morgan)??? AND do we care? AND why didn’t they just axe AI and replace it with X Factor? I think nine seasons of one show is more than enough considering The X Factor isn’t all that different. Well, it probably won’t matter because I doubt the American viewing public will continue to watch AI after Simon leaves anyway. I predict a ratings nose-dive.