Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild on ITV2Sometimes, I get addicted to a TV show that is so trashy, I refuse to record it for fear of someone seeing it on my Sky box. Welcome to Love in the Wild.

Set in the wild terrain of Dominican Republic, the competition’s second series sees seven teams, each comprising two men and a woman, take part in challenges that test the abilities of the team, as well as the individuals. The winners of each challenge spend the night in a luxury beach house, with the losers sleeping under rugged conditions. It’s all about physical dexterity and strategy. The winners are allowed to stick with their current team or pick a new partner for the next challenge – the idea being that love will eventually blossom between some of the adventure-seekers.

This show is full of super-competitive Americans – exactly the kind of people that I wouldn’t hang out with if my life depended on it (no offence to any super-competitive Americans out there). These beefed up men are the kind of people who would push a guy into a ditch if it meant getting the girl in the end. The game play is relentless and every man is out to win the heart of their favourite girl.

It’s fair to say, most of the attraction between these contestants is based on a very primal, physical attraction. The woman swoon as the men demonstrate their physical prowess by wading into treacherous waters or battling deadly wildlife. Equally, the women – clad in their finest, skimpy beachwear – remain aloof and use their sex appeal to keep the men vying for them. Ah, trash at its best! This series has the added component of each team consisting of two men fighting over one woman. So not only do the guys have to work together to accomplish the missions, but they have to do it in such a way that makes them look good individually. The results are fascinating! This week saw some guys deliberately letting their team-mate take on the epic swimming challenge – just so they could have 10 minutes alone with their female team-mate. Then there was the guy who keenly volunteered to take on the throwing challenge so that he could show off his footy skills. He was crap. It was funny.

It’s this ‘peacock dance’ that is so fascinating to watch. You’ve got a dating show, together with a competition; it brings out the best (and by that I definitely mean the worst) out of most heterosexual men. But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Even the woman on this programme are competitive! They can be just as under-handed and tactical as the men at times. It’s safe to say, these lot deserve each other!

Love in the Wild continues on ITV2 on Tuesdays at 8pm