Phillip vs Katie?

Is it just me, or did Phillip Schofield totally hate being on the sofa with Katie Price on This Morning today? The disdain was oozing out of him in an ever so subtle way, but it was noticeable. He began questioning Katie’s motives behind wanting to continue with her reality series and include the children in it. Let’s face it, we’ve all wondered why both Katie and Peter feel the need to continue with their respective ITV2 shows when they are trying to go through a messy divorce. Phillip is clearly disapproving of Katie’s tendency to try and ‘score points’ by making the public aware of Peter’s shortcomings. Katie says he didn’t attend Junior’s parents evening this week. But Peter’s Twitter feed says otherwise. Phillip eventually decides to drop the tact completely and comes out with: “Do you ever think you should stop it, grow up and move on with your lives?” Ouch! But fair enough, Katie claims she’s bored of all the media attention, but will then engage in publicity stunts that involve bringing four men in drag to her book launch. She’s dug her own hole. Watching the interview, it would appear all that Katie wants is to sit down and have a chat with her ex-husband. However, Holly had a point that the longer the mud-slinging continues the longer it’ll be before that actually happens. Watch the interview below and see what you think of Phillip’s approach to the interview: