Red Dwarf Returns!

As the Easter weekend grows nearer, so does Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. You hadn’t heard about it? What the Smeg!? Don’t be a GELF! How could you have missed it?! The team returns after a decade, and Dave has no less than three new episodes to air from Good Friday!
Red Dwarf
If you’re a Red Dwarf fan, then look no further than Dave this Easter. Its schedule includes RD favourites interspersed with the new offerings, plus a ‘Making Of’ to top things off. What more could you want? A new character maybe? OK! Meet Katerina, played by Sophie Winkleman (The Peep Show). She’s a “resurrected hologram of a Red Dwarf science officer” that sets her sights on becoming the next Rimmer – much to his annoyance. So guys, you have a bit of eye candy this time too, and she’s a feisty one by the sounds of it!

Dave is well and truly hyping up the return of our favourite sci-fi series. They even have quizzes on the website and weekly updates.So make sure you tune in over the long weekend. From the sounds of it, Lister may well end up finally returning home after over a decade in space!