Releases Survey Results on Video on Demand Usage video on demand Survey has released results from a survey conducted on its website in June 2013 of 423 users discussing their video on demand usage. This survey covered questions such as which services were most popular, the frequency with which they were used and the motivations for use, as well as preferences for company whilst watching these services and demographics of respondents.

Half of all surveyed used iTunes as a video on demand service, whilst Netflix and Love Film were close behind with 32% and 27% ticking their boxes respectively. Now TV, Amazon, Blinkbox and Sainsburys Entertainment all saw response rates of less than ten percent of the survey population.

For catching up on missed favourite shows, 86% of users indicated they used BBC iPlayer, 62% used ITV Player, 61% 40D and 26% Demand 5. Subscription services such as Sky Anytime and Virgin were used by 26% and 12% of people respectively. 5% or less used Youview and ESPN player.

The majority (43%) of users said they used the above video on demand services on a weekly basis, though 31% claimed to use them daily. 12% used these services only once a month. 3% claimed to use video on demand services only on weekends and another 11% said they only ‘rarely’ used video on demand services.

The main motivation for using video on demand services has been to stream films (56%) or television box sets (52%). 15% use these services to stream sports. Far fewer users choose to download video services rather than stream, though here the disparity between films and television box sets is more pronounced: 23% use the services to download films whilst barely half that download television box sets. In accordance with the above results on streaming, only 3% use video on demand services for downloading sports.

Most users watch video on demand services alone (63%). Slightly less than half (47%) watch these services with a partner, whereas only 28% watch them with friends. Only 18% of users watch video on demand services with their children.

Video on demand services are by far most likely to be viewed from a computer or laptop than any other of our survey alternatives. 69% of users watch VOD services from their laptop or computer, more than double those who watch the same services on their mobile phone (33%) or tablet (30%). 24% watch these services on a games console, whilst 11% use their Apple TV.

Survey responses were split nearly evenly between male and female website users, with 48% male responses compared to 52% female responses. The most prominent age range of users was between 25-34 years of age at 31%, though 22% of users were between the ages of 10-24 or 35-44. 11% were over 45. Only a minimal number preferred not to give an age or were below 16 years of age.

The majority of users had a monthly income that was under £20,000, which was twice the runner up response of 15% that described themselves as students. 14% earned between £20-30,000. Only 6% earned within the £30-40,000 range, whilst responses for the income ranges above £40,000 were all minimal. 9% of respondents said they were currently unemployed.