We Salute You, Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough in BBC's Frozen Planet

Sir David Attenborough in BBC's Frozen Planet

Last night saw the start of Sir David Attenborough’s new BBC One documentary series Frozen Planet. More than the fascinating content, the show stands out for the mere fact that an 85-year-old man is presenting it – from the polar regions. This gentleman deserves another BAFTA.

In the first episode, Sir David Attenborough – who turned 85 in May – talks us through courting polar bears and surfing penguins. The series is a follow-on from the BAFTA-winning Human Planet, which aired on BBC One earlier this year. Much like its predecessor, Frozen Planet contains beautiful visuals. The cinematography is awe-inspiring and the camerawork is ground-breaking. The series follows the same format as Human Planet, in that the last ten minutes of each episode is dedicated to taking the viewer behind the scenes. We see the extraordinary lengths the camera crew had to go to to capture the money shots.

Whilst most of Sir David’s wildlife documentaries involve the naturalist conducting a narrative from the comfort of a post-production studio, this series sees him travelling to both the North and South Poles. Although his on-screen time is limited, the very fact that he dared to work under such harsh conditions shows dedication beyond belief. His story-telling is captivating and heartfelt. Any other presenter would not have the same impact. So hats off to Sir David Attenborough who, after 50 years of broadcasting, is still bringing us compelling television.

Frozen Planet continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One. The first episode is repeated throughout the week and is also available on BBC iPlayer.