Widdy is a Cleverdick

Anne Widdecombe: from Strictly to Cleverdicks

Anne Widdecombe: from Strictly to Cleverdicks

Anne Widdecombe has gone from political hardnut to Strictly ballroom dancer, and now she’s trying her hand at quiz mistress. Sky Atlantic has recruited her as host for its first foray into quiz shows.

The former Shadow Home Secretary surprised everyone by donning sequined costumes and taking to the dancefloor for Strictly Come Dancing, but she’s now proving that she can pull more surprises out of the bag by becoming a quiz show host. Since its launch, Sky Atlantic has brought us repeats of old American favourites such as ER, and quality new drama from HBO. It is now venturing into the entertainment sector as it launches its first daytime quiz, Cleverdicks. Anne will bring her intelligence and wit to the mix as she guides a group of self-proclaimed cleverdicks through a barrage of intellectually-challenging questions. The contestants must answer the most correctly to go on to a high pressure end game, where the finalist is pitched against a cascade of falling questions on the studio’s video wall.

What is it with the latest trend of unlikely personalities hosting quiz shows? Jeremy Kyle makes for a bizarre choice of presenter for ITV1’s new daytime quiz, High Stakes. You sort of expect him to start shouting at the contestants at any minute, but actually he is quite encouraging – in his own sarcastic kind of way. Now we have no-nonsense, sharp-tongued Widdy fronting a gameshow too. It’s sure to be unlike any other on TV!

Cleverdicks starts in the New Year and will air daily on Sky Atlantic in an early evening slot.